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17 July 2018 Cyberlaw & Technology Watch


Could Twitter spat sink Public Protector?

Twitter or ‘SMS of the Internet’ has become the world’s most popular online news and social networking service. Legalbrief reports that it has also become an extremely powerful platform for politicians but when their messages backfire, the fallout can be ... Read More


Woman wins 13-year battle against spurned online troll

A woman who was harassed over the Internet for 13 years has finally won damages in one of the longest-running cases of online trolling. Lindsey Goldrick Dean was subjected to ‘emotional and distressing’ abuse that damaged her relationships, career and ... Read More

Australians take on Facebook over data breach

Lawyers have lodged a mass complaint to Australian privacy authorities on behalf of Facebook users caught up in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. A report in The Guardian notes class action funders IMF Bentham announced the case on Tuesday, saying it ... Read More

Dotcom one step closer to US extradition

Internet mogul Kim Dotcom has lost another fight in his epic legal battle to avoid being extradited to the US. An appeals court in New Zealand last week rejected Dotcom's attempt to overturn an earlier ruling which said he ... Read More


Call for 'digital Geneva Convention'

Closing embassies and expelling spies is a 19th-century response to a 21st-century problem – a cyber threat so great it needs its own digital Geneva Convention. That’s the view of David Sanger who says there is a growing concern that ... Read More


Siri interrupts MP's speech

* Addressing an unusually quiet House of Commons on matters relating to Islamic State operations in Syria, Gavin Williams, Britain’s Secretary of Defence, was heckled by his own iPhone. While one would have expected an interruption from the opposition benches, the ... Read More

Samsung glitch

* A small number of people who own Samsung smartphones have reported that their devices randomly sent photos from their gallery to their contacts without their knowledge, according to several reports on Samsung's forums. And a Reddit user said his ... Read More

Kenya launches Alphabet project

* Kenya is turning to Alphabet's Project Loon to help bring the Internet to some of its rural communities. Project Loon – which began as a Google project in 2013 – launches balloons into the stratosphere that are designed to ... Read More


Buzz over exclusive dating app

Buzz over exclusive dating app There is a raging party happening just out of view, that all the people cooler, richer and better looking than you are blowing off steam together in some VIP hideaway while you waste your life ... Read More