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Legalbrief   |   your legal news hub Wednesday 26 February 2020

Special courts to deal with Zimbabwe machete gangs

Zimbabwe’s judiciary has established special courts to deal ‘decisively’ with the country’s notorious machete gangs. Officially opening the 2020 Legal Year at the Constitutional Court in Harare, Chief Justice Luke Malaba said the terror gangs could create anarchy if they were not quickly neutralised. New Zimbabwe reports that the casual miners are roaming gold mining communities and robbing and attacking villagers. ‘The judiciary acknowledges the work being undertaken by law enforcement agencies in bringing perpetrators of that wave of violence to book,’ he said. The Herald reports that Judicial Service Commission spokesperson Brian Nkiwane said the fight against corruption was expected to be a major part of the agenda this year. The Attorney-General's Office is now working with the National Prosecution Authority in fast-tracking cases to court. And the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission is working on more than 600 dockets for people implicated in corruption, including judges, Ministers, MPs and company executives.