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Legalbrief   |   your legal news hub Monday 22 April 2019

Targeting foreigners with expropriation 'fake news'

Parliament's Joint Constitutional Review Committee has dismissed as ‘fake news’ reports on social media that warn non-South African citizens who own property that they will be affected by the land expropriation process. A Polity report says a WhatsApp message is spreading false claims that land owned by non-South Africans will be taken away under land expropriation, with owners able to apply to government for a 25-year lease to stay on their land. Co-chairperson of the committee Lewis Nzimande cautioned against fake news that created the impression that South Africa was xenophobic. ‘We are definitely not targeting foreigners. This type of fake news can lead to all sorts of criminality. It can also lead to a downturn in foreign investment, which is critical for our development. At this point, we are just establishing whether Section 25 of the Constitution is in need of any amendment,’ explained Nzimande.