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Publish date: 03 December 2018
Issue Number: 802
Diary: IBA Legalbrief Africa
Category: general

 ‘Sheka's trial marks an important moment for justice for thousands of victims of rape and other ghastly crimes in eastern Congo.’

– Ida Sawyer, deputy Africa director at Human Rights Watch.  Sheka is being prosecuted for crimes against humanity, war crimes, terrorism, and related charges in a trial that began last week in the eastern city of Goma.


‘Nelson Mandela said I must stay at his home. I said, 'Like, in the house? Like, the same place you sleep?' He said, 'Yes, you will stay in Qunu'. I kept asking who stays in someone's house for 10 days and 10 nights? I don't have 10 days' worth of conversation. My life partner Stedman (Graham) then said, 'It's Nelson Mandela, you don't have to speak, you just listen'.'

 – Oprah Winfrey addressing the University of Johannesburg where the Nelson Mandela Foundation hosted a dialogue in celebration of women and #16DaysofActivism


'For the record, my hands are clean. My conscience is very clear and my resolve is unbreakable. These hands that you see have not spilled blood.'

–  Zimbabwe’s main opposition leader Nelson Chimasa who told an inquiry that he had not incited supporters to take to the streets in post-election violence that killed six people in August. 


‘The thing that makes you happy about their aid is that it is not tied to any conditions. When they decide to give you, they just give you.’

–  Tanzanian President John Magufuli, saying he prefers Chinese to Western aid as it comes with fewer conditions.


‘I can't wait for the elections fiasco to come to an end. I could do with a holiday and some good sex. My body needs a break.’

– The tweet that landed Harare socialite Taona Shadaya in hot water. He reportedly retweeted the message from a supposedly fake Twitter account with the name of Zimbabwe Electoral Commission chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba who sued him.


‘We went to sleep for 10 years (the duration of Zuma's presidency) and institutions were hollowed out. We all lost the guts to tell a bumbling fool who was sitting out there, acting as a President, to tell him that he is a fool, to tell him he's incapable of doing the high ideals of our liberation struggle. As we failed to do that, we actually allowed so much devastation and poor people became poorer.’

– Former Deputy Chief Justice Dikgang Moseneke in a scathing attack on former President Jacob Zuma

‘I decided to resign before my term ended to save the ANC.’

– Zuma, earlier in the week