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Legalbrief   |   your legal news hub Wednesday 21 August 2019


‘I have information about the presence of many homosexuals in our province.’

– Paul Makonda, the governor of Dar es Salaam who has launched an anti-gay crackdown, threatening to arrest people suspected of being homosexuals.


'Mboweni became the first ANC Cabinet member to speak freely outside ANC orthodoxy (colonialism, national democratic revolution, blah blah blah) when he delivered his Medium Term Budget Statement. He called his critics' bluff by being brutally honest: all our money has been stolen or wasted; our state has been mismanaged and brutalised; the economy is in dire straits and it isn't growing.'

– Analyst Max du Preez on Finance Minister Tito Mboweni


 ‘Don’t screw this up.’

–  Former US  Bill Clinton making the point that SA had pulled itself back from the brink of self-destruction and was given another chance at redemption following the almost wasted decade of the Zuma administration. He was speaking at Thursday’s Discovery Leadership Summit in Johannesburg.


‘As law abiding citizens we have full confidence in our courts and believe that a reasonable outcome in the interest of justice will be arrived at.

- Family spokesperson Nkululeko Ncana following Lerato Sengadi’s court application seeking to bar the family of rapper Jabulani Tsambo from burying him, claiming she is his legal widow. The artist took his own life two weeks ago.


‘I intend calling every witness in this matter. This is a very sensitive case dealing with international relations.’
– Prosecutor Yusuf Baba after Randburg magistrate Jeremiah Matopa announced that the inquest into the death of Rwandan dissident spymaster Patrick Karegeya would begin in January. Karegeya was murdered in Sandton five years ago.