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Legalbrief   |   your legal news hub Monday 22 April 2019


'We have the people and if we make the call, the country will come to a standstill. It is a matter of life and death.'

– Zimbabwe's opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has threatened a 'national shutdown' if the MDC's demands for transparency and electoral reforms in the upcoming polls are not met.


‘You look at Brazil, you look at a number of countries in South East Asia, and shut up, you Steenhuisen, and listen.’

– South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa who lashed out at DA MP and Chief Whip John Steenhuisen, who continuously heckled him during a session in the National Assembly


'I repeat my call to this council to engage with my office and lend your support in assisting with strategies for the arrest and surrender of ICC fugitives in Libya. Greater deterrence can only be assured through the arrest and surrender of suspects to the ICC so that they may answer the charges against them.'

– International Criminal Court chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda urging the UN Security Council to arrest three fugitives in Libya


'It's no longer controversial to argue that there has been far too little enthusiasm for transformation among white people since 1994. But, as researchers have shown over and over, even seizing most of white people's assets and taxing them to death would not have made a significant difference to the quality of life of the black majority because of the way the country and the economy have been managed the last decade.'

– Analyst Max du Preez on the slow pace of transformation in South Africa


'As a committee, we resolved that Mugabe should be summoned to explain himself. We recommended to the administrators of Parliament that they wrote a letter inviting Mugabe to appear before the committee, but it now seems the letter was never written.'

– Speaker of Zimbabwe's National Assembly Jacob Mudenda addressing claims that Parliament is 'shielding' former President Robert Mugabe from appearing before a Mines and Energy Portfolio Committee investigating the looting and loss of diamond revenue amounting to $15bn


‘Zuma is clearly not contemplating an idyllic rural retirement. He is not going to be spending his time wallowing with wife-of-the-week in the Nkandla firepool. Instead, Zuma is continuing his war of legal attrition, smothering every attempt at putting him in the dock with an avalanche of counter-motions. Zuma is also trying to bolster his provincial powerbase, while white-anting Ramaphosa everywhere, at every opportunity.’

– Analyst William Saunderson-Meyer on former President Jacob Zuma