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Bobi Wine on Museveni’s anti-West agenda

Publish date: 08 October 2018
Issue Number: 794
Diary: IBA Legalbrief Africa
Category: Uganda

Ugandan musician and lawmaker Robert Ssentamu who was arrested on charges of unlawful possession of firearms and incitement to violence has penned an open letter addressing the political turmoil in his homeland. Writing in the Mail & Guardian, Ssentamu who is also known as Bobi Wine, said he used his role as an MP ‘to shun corruption and reject bad governance’. ‘This message is premised on the first Article of our country’s Constitution, which provides that all power belongs to the people. And the people have been buying our message. For the first time in a long time, Ugandans are united in purpose and their hope is being renewed. They are snubbing the regime’s divide and rule strategy, which has worked to prop it up in the past. Regardless of their respective religions, tribes, regions, economic standing or political affiliation, young Ugandans are uniting in the quest for a better country. One based on democracy, equality and social justice. A country that provides equal opportunities.’ He accuses President Yoweri Museveni of ‘pushing a narrative’ that Ugandans are being funded by the West. ‘His regime has now begun to deport Americans doing charity work in Uganda, and a large-scale crackdown on my supporters is underway. Those who dare oppose this government are finding themselves kidnapped and brutalised. The streets resemble those of a police state, with military officers on alert to harass all those who raise their voice in the face of injustice. Journalists and protesters are now forced to choose between doing what is right, and escaping bodily harm.’

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