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Legalbrief   |   your legal news hub Thursday 01 October 2020

Academics cleared in ‘sex for grades’ scandal

The University of Ghana has exonerated the two lecturers indicted in the BBC documentary which exposed the menace of sex-for-favours in tertiary institutions. A report on the allAfrica site notes that the documentary, released in October 2019, focused on how some academics target vulnerable female students who are struggling with their studies. With secret cameras, the undercover reporters snared two lecturers who engaged in sexual banter with the students. Ghana Web reports that the fact-finding committee established by the University of Ghana to investigate the allegations of sexual misconduct against the lecturers says the title of the documentary was ‘deceptive and dramatic’. ‘The Committee finds that in the totality of the evidence before it there is a huge variance between the import title Sex for Grades and the content of the actual video recording of the affected lecturers of the University of Ghana,’ the report added.